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What does UKdata do? is a source for rich insight on data and trends on all 363 councils across the UK.

Uncover key data points and insights on UK councils including turnover, volume of active companies, sector trends, employment data, gender diversity and much more.

What does Beauhurst do?

Beauhurst is the ultimate UK private company data source.

From financials to fundraising, employee data to patents—Beauhurst provides a complete picture of every private UK company.

They work with hundreds of leading business across the UK including 27 councils.

Introducing BeauhurstImpact

We have four data platforms built specifically for different industries: BeauhurstImpact, BeauhurstAdvise, BeauhurstInvest, and BeauhurstSales. 

BeauhurstImpact is the dedicated platform for councils and local governments as well as universities, research and innovation hubs. BeauhurstImpact provides a comprehensive view of UK private companies in one searchable platform. 

BeauhurstImpact gives council and local government authorities a more comprehensive and accurate view of their local economy than they are often able to get from existing data sources. 

Understanding private companies across the UK doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Say goodbye to wading through Companies House, our piecing together ONS data.

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