Company details for YHA ADVENTURE SHOPS PLC (Registered No 00908471)

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Registered Office
Incorporation Date 14-06-1967
Last Accounts Filed up to 28-02-2002
Type Public limited with share capital
Accounts Type Full Accounts
Status Dissolved
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Filed on 27-10-2010 Second notification of strike-off action in London Gazette (Section 652) £18.00
Filed on 27-07-2010 Notice of final meeting of creditors £18.00
Filed on 19-05-2004 Administrator's Abstract of receipts and payments £3.99
Filed on 24-03-2004 Administrator's Abstract of receipts and payments £3.99
Filed on 03-03-2004 Notice of discharge of Administration Order £3.99
Filed on 27-02-2004 Notice of Appointment of Liquidator in winding up by the Court £3.99
Filed on 24-02-2004 Order to wind up £18.00
Filed on 06-10-2003 Administrator's Abstract of receipts and payments £3.99
Filed on 10-06-2003 Notice of result of meeting of creditors £3.99
Filed on 13-03-2003 Notice of Administration Order £3.99

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