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The information is accurate as of 31 December 2022.
Data courtesy of Beauhurst.

Regional Economic Analysis Report for South East, UK

The South East of the United Kingdom exemplifies a dynamic economic region characterized by significant employment growth, robust entrepreneurial activity, and diverse industrial sectors. This report explores these facets in depth, providing a nuanced understanding of the region’s economic health and potential growth areas.

Employee Growth Trends: A Sign of Economic Health

The South East shows remarkable employment figures, with councils like Runnymede and Winchester demonstrating high ratios of employees to population. Particularly, Runnymede stands out with an extraordinary rate, indicating a thriving local economy that possibly benefits from proximity to economic hubs and major transport routes.

Council Name Employee Growth (%) Population Number of Employees Employees per 100 People
Runnymede 12.07 58,732 605,701 1031.70
Winchester 10.27 75,021 175,736 234.24
Windsor and Maidenhead 8.08 92,242 201,182 218.15

Entrepreneurial Dynamics: Startup and Scaleup Activity

The region’s entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in the high number of new companies, particularly in councils like Winchester and Elmbridge, indicating a supportive environment for new business ventures. This activity is crucial for long-term economic sustainability and innovation.

Council Name New Companies Founded Population New Companies per 10,000 People
Winchester 1,242 75,021 16.55
Elmbridge 1,556 80,809 19.25
Crawley 943 72,385 13.03

Sectoral Insights: Dominant Industries

The “Professional, scientific and technical activities” sector dominates in the South East, appearing as the top sector in the majority of councils. This trend underscores a strong inclination towards knowledge-based industries, which are pivotal for the region’s economic competitiveness and future growth.

Gender Diversity in Business Leadership

Despite positive growth trends, the region faces challenges in gender diversity among business founders and directors. Initiatives to support female entrepreneurs could foster a more inclusive and diverse business ecosystem, enhancing innovation and broadening the economic base.


This analysis provides stakeholders with detailed insights into the economic dynamics of the South East. Understanding these trends is essential for developing strategies that enhance economic development and resilience, ensuring the region remains competitive and inclusive.

The information is accurate as of 31 December 2022.
Data courtesy of Beauhurst.