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The information is accurate as of 31 December 2022.
Data courtesy of Beauhurst.

Comprehensive Performance Report for Yorkshire and The Humber


This comprehensive performance report provides an in-depth analysis of the business environment across the councils in the Yorkshire and The Humber region. Utilising aggregated data from 2022, the report evaluates key metrics such as employment, industry growth, and economic activities to offer insights into the region’s economic health and developmental trajectory.

Population and Employment Overview

Number of Employees per Council Adjusted for Population
Council Number of Employees Population Employees per 1000 Residents
Leeds 1,038,440 516,054 2011.57
Bradford 535,365 330,964 1617.44
Sheffield 192,065 384,610 499.35
Wakefield 180,278 215,231 837.43
North Yorkshire 109,017 615,491 177.12
Kirklees 112,139 272,032 412.27
Doncaster 102,052 191,890 531.76
East Riding of Yorkshire 127,475 195,857 650.96
Rotherham 84,352 161,519 522.47
Calderdale 72,280 130,306 554.66
York 84,269 139,061 606.16
Barnsley 56,329 152,684 369.03
Kingston upon Hull, City of 99,517 168,216 591.57
North Lincolnshire 49,408 103,684 476.58
North East Lincolnshire 48,667 95,657 508.64

Business Dynamics and Sector Analysis

The region shows a diverse range of leading sectors. Leeds, with its significant employee base, leads in professional, scientific, and technical activities, while Bradford’s wholesale and retail trade sector is notably robust. Calderdale and Sheffield also show strong performance in the wholesale and retail sectors. The construction sector is particularly strong in Doncaster and North East Lincolnshire, indicating a focus on infrastructure development.

Scaleups and Growth

Leeds stands out with the highest number of employees in companies that raised funds in 2022, indicating a dynamic business environment conducive to growth. In contrast, Kirklees and North East Lincolnshire show minimal activity in this area. Sheffield and Doncaster each recorded an IPO in 2022, highlighting their potential for significant business expansions.

International and Export Dynamics

Leeds and Sheffield exhibit a strong presence of companies with non-UK ultimate parents, suggesting robust international ties. Export activities are notably high in Leeds, Bradford, and Sheffield, aligning with their large economic bases and diverse industries.

Investment and Innovation

2022 was a significant year for fundraising activities, with Leeds leading in the number of fundraisings. Patent ownership is highest in Leeds, indicating a strong focus on innovation. Rotherham and Sheffield also show considerable activity in securing grants, which supports their research and development efforts.

Conclusion and Recommendations

The analysis reveals a region with vibrant economic activity and potential for further growth. It is recommended that councils with lower business activities, such as Kirklees and North East Lincolnshire, adopt more aggressive economic development strategies to boost their local economies. Continued support for innovation and international trade in high-performing areas like Leeds and Sheffield will also be crucial for sustaining their growth trajectories.

The information is accurate as of 31 December 2022.
Data courtesy of Beauhurst.