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The information is accurate as of 31 December 2022.
Data courtesy of Beauhurst.

Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Swindon


Swindon, a city with a dynamic economic landscape, is witnessing substantial growth and diversification in its business sector. With 165,298 employed individuals and a significant number of companies across various sectors, Swindon is an active hub for both traditional industries and emerging sectors.

Employment and Business Growth

  • Total Employees: Swindon has 165,298 employees. The city has seen a rise in employment numbers, indicated by 132 companies reporting an increase in their workforce. This reflects a positive trend in job creation and economic health.
  • Employee Growth Rate: The percentage growth in employee numbers is 7.75%, showcasing a robust increase in employment opportunities in Swindon.
  • Number of Scaleups: There are 56 scaleup companies, indicating a healthy environment for business expansion and growth.
  • New Companies in 2 Years: Swindon has seen the inception of 3,288 new companies in the last two years. This high rate of new business formation indicates a vibrant and entrepreneurial business climate.
  • SMEs and Exporters: The presence of 9,063 SMEs and 280 exporters reflects a diverse and internationally engaged business community.

Sector Dynamics

  • Top Sectors: The leading sectors include professional, scientific and technical activities (13.7% of companies), construction (12.21%), and wholesale/retail trade (12.16%). These sectors are pivotal to Swindon’s economic makeup.
  • Emerging Sectors: Sectors like mobile apps, clean energy generation, and internet platforms are among the top emerging sectors, showing Swindon’s adaptation to modern technological trends.

Business Continuity

  • Company Cessations: With 1,801 companies ceasing operations, there are challenges in the business environment. However, this needs to be viewed in the context of the high number of new companies.
  • Patent Owners and Fundraisings: The presence of 514 patent owners and 9 fundraising events indicates a strong innovation landscape in Swindon.

Diversity and Leadership

  • Gender Diversity in Founders and Directors: Founders include 17.07% women and 80.49% men, showing a gender gap in entrepreneurship. In directorship roles, 27.27% are women, indicating a slightly better gender balance in corporate leadership.
  • Age Distribution of Directors: A diverse age range among company directors, with a notable presence of directors in the 40-60 age bracket, suggests experienced leadership in Swindon’s business sector.


Swindon exhibits a robust and diverse economic environment with strong employment growth, vibrant new business formation, and significant activity in both traditional and emerging sectors. The city’s innovation ecosystem, evidenced by the number of patent owners and fundraising events, contributes to its dynamic economic landscape. However, challenges like company cessations and gender disparity in entrepreneurship need attention for sustainable growth.

Company foundations and cessations over time

Active companies over time

The information is accurate as of 31 December 2022.
Data courtesy of Beauhurst.