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Data reports for every UK council

Find detailed reports on the economic and business activities of every council in the UK. Our reports highlight employment trends, business growth, sector dynamics and other key economic indicators of the area.
All these reports are created using Beauhurst data that is accurate as of December 31 2023.

Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Preston

Preston’s economic landscape is characterised by a diverse array of sectors, with a significant presence in wholesale and retail trade. The city has experienced robust growth in terms of employment, and there’s a notable increase in business activities, particularly in sectors like retail and educational services. The gender distribution among founders and directors indicates a predominance of male leadership, though female representation is gradually increasing.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Powys

Powys exhibits a diverse economic landscape, characterised by a strong presence in sectors like professional services, construction, and retail trade. The region shows a positive trajectory in employment growth, with notable increases in specific sectors. However, the city faces challenges in business continuity, as indicated by the number of company cessations.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, a dynamic city with a diverse economic landscape, has shown promising trends in various sectors. With a total employment of 68,931, the city exhibits a vibrant business environment. Key sectors like construction, professional activities, and retail trade are pivotal to its economic fabric. However, the absence of recent IPOs indicates a potential area for growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The gender diversity in leadership positions and a notable percentage of young companies with young directors underscore a progressive business culture.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Plymouth

Plymouth’s economic landscape demonstrates a diverse range of sectors contributing to its growth. With 93,527 employees, the city shows a dynamic economic environment. The significant presence of sectors like Construction, Retail Trade, and Professional Services indicates a balanced economic base. The city’s commitment to nurturing young businesses and supporting gender diversity in leadership roles further enhances its economic resilience.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Peterborough

Peterborough presents a dynamic economic landscape with a workforce of 102,104 employees. The city shows a diverse range of sectors, including significant activities in wholesale, retail trade, and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles. The trend in sectors suggests a robust and varied economic base. However, there have been no IPOs recently, and employee growth is moderate at 10.73%. The data also indicates a gender gap in founding and directorship roles, with a lower representation of women.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Perth and Kinross

The Perth and Kinross local council area exhibits a dynamic economic landscape. With 73,962 employees and a diverse range of sectors, the area demonstrates significant activity in professional, scientific, technical, and construction sectors. The presence of a robust SME base and a balanced gender representation in business leadership positions further enhance its economic profile.

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