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Data reports for every UK council

Find detailed reports on the economic and business activities of every council in the UK. Our reports highlight employment trends, business growth, sector dynamics and other key economic indicators of the area.
All these reports are created using Beauhurst data that is accurate as of December 31 2023.

Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Conwy

Conwy’s economic landscape reveals a dynamic mix of sectors with a total employment base of 21,006. The dominant sectors include wholesale/retail trade and repair of motor vehicles, professional/scientific/technical activities, and construction. Despite no recent IPOs, the region shows a healthy 7.88% employee growth, signaling robust business activities. Key growth sectors are diverse, ranging from retail to online publishing, reflecting a versatile economic environment.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Colchester

Colchester’s economic landscape demonstrates a diverse range of sectors with significant activity in professional, scientific, technical, and construction fields. With 109,125 employees and a notable 6.87% employee growth rate, the city shows robust employment dynamics. The presence of 63 scaleups and a wide array of SMEs indicates a thriving entrepreneurial environment. However, the absence of IPOs suggests limited activity in the public markets sector.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Clackmannanshire

Clackmannanshire, a vibrant local council area, exhibits a diverse economic landscape with a strong presence in professional, scientific, technical, wholesale, retail, and construction sectors. Notable is the lack of IPOs, hinting at a predominantly small to medium-sized enterprise environment. The area shows a promising 10.46% employee growth, indicative of robust business activities and potential for future expansion.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Chorley

Chorley’s economic landscape demonstrates a dynamic business environment. With 37,910 employees across various sectors, the city shows a robust employment framework. The significant presence in professional, scientific, technical, construction, and retail trade sectors indicates a diversified economic base. The growth in employee numbers (8.43%) and the emergence of new companies (1,725 in 2 years) reflect a healthy, expanding economy. The presence of scaleups, SMEs, and companies with foreign parentage enriches the business ecosystem, fostering innovation and global connections.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Chichester

Chichester’s economic landscape is diverse, with a strong presence in professional, scientific, technical activities, construction, and retail trade. The city boasts a substantial workforce of 45,138 employees, with notable growth in several sectors. However, it faces challenges in gender diversity among founders and directors and a relatively low number of new companies.

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Analysis Report: Economic and Business Activity in Chesterfield

Chesterfield’s economic landscape presents a dynamic mix of traditional and emerging sectors. The total employment of 66,212 indicates a robust workforce. A notable feature is the variety in the top sectors, highlighting a diverse economic base. This diversity is critical for economic resilience and growth potential. The presence of sectors like professional, scientific, technical activities, and construction reflects a balanced mix of knowledge-intensive and labor-intensive industries.

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