Company details for WORLDSTORES LIMITED (Registered No 03909772)

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Registered Office
Incorporation Date 19-01-2000
Type Private Limited with share capital
Accounts Type Full Accounts
Status Active
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This company's identity may have been compromised.

We have been notified that this company may be a victim of company identity fraud. Company identity fraud involves fraudulent online sellers and rogue websites using the identity of a legitimate company to take money (usually by Western Union) for goods (usually electrical goods) which they do not deliver.

If you work for, or own this company, please contact us for more information and advice about protecting your company's identity.

If you are trying to order something from this company, please visit our fraud advice pages for help checking companies.

If you think you have been a victim of company identity fraud, please use our report suspected fraud form.

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As this company has not filed, or only recently filed trading Annual Accounts, they are not yet analysed by our system, so we are unable to offer a credit report. We can alert you free of charge when these accounts have been analysed and a report is available Click here to set up free email alerts .

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Filed on 06-04-2016 REGISTERED OFFICE CHANGED £18.00
Filed on 29-01-2016 STATEMENT OF CAPITAL £18.00
Filed on 30-12-2015 Resolution to adopt or alter Memorandum and Articles £18.00
Filed on 07-12-2015 Miscellaneous Document £3.99
Filed on 04-12-2015 Miscellaneous Document £3.99
Filed on 01-12-2015 Miscellaneous Document £3.99
Filed on 30-11-2015 Annual Return £18.00
Filed on 24-11-2015 Miscellaneous Document £3.99
Filed on 21-07-2015 DIRECTOR APPOINTED £18.00
Filed on 21-07-2015 APPOINTMENT TERMINATED £18.00

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