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Registered Office
Incorporation Date 16-11-2007
Category 9999 | DORMANT
Last Accounts Filed up to 30-11-2014
Type Private Limited with share capital
Accounts Type Dormant
Status Active
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Company Accounts

Made up to 30-11-2012 Annual Accounts £18.00
Made up to 30-11-2011 Annual Accounts £18.00
Made up to 30-11-2010 Annual Accounts £18.00
Made up to 30-11-2009 Annual Accounts £18.00
Made up to 30-11-2008 Annual Accounts £18.00

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Company Documents

Last updated on 30-09-2013 RefreshRefresh now

Filed on 16-11-2012 Annual Return £18.00
Filed on 16-11-2011 Annual Return £18.00
Filed on 16-11-2010 Annual Return £18.00
Filed on 16-11-2009 Annual Return £18.00
Filed on 13-08-2009 Change in situation or address of Registered Office £18.00

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